Using Sonos with Draytek – Issues

Routers that have the same issues (random reboots / loss of Sonos control) :

  • DrayTek Router 2820n
  • DrayTek Router 2750n
  • DrayTek Router 2830n
  • DrayTek Router 2850n
  • DrayTek Router 2860n

When the services below are being used you may get random reboots of the Drayek routers and also loss of control of Sonos equipment.

  • Streaming Radio from the Internet
  • Streaming Music from Spotify or Napster
  • Just the Sonos app running on a Smart Phone or Tablet
  • Any Combination of Sonos Play 1 or  Sonos Play 3, Sonos 5, Sonos Playbar

To fix the above issues try turning off / on the services below.

  • Turn off UPNP Services
  • Turn on IGMP Services