SKY Q – Disable WiFi and use Ethernet only

Disable SKY Q WiFi

Your SKY Q box must be connected by Ethernet.

This is done in the SKY Q hidden menu.

-Press the ‘Home’ button on your remote control.
-Scroll down to ‘Settings’ and DO NOT press select.
-Press ‘001’.
-Press ‘Select’

Goto network and switch off both bands and confirm before exit.

BT Telephone Wiring

The Main BT Cable

The main BT cable coming into the property often has Orange, White, Green and Black wires.  Orange and White are usually the active pair which would connect to A and B or 5 and 2 on some older boxes.


Cct diagram

wiring disagram

These pairs supply -48v and 0v, its a good idea to test these as the polarity is important for some older modems and answering machines -48v is the B connection or J2 and 0v is the A connection or J5.

Using Sonos with Draytek – Issues

Routers that have the same issues (random reboots / loss of Sonos control) :

  • DrayTek Router 2820n
  • DrayTek Router 2750n
  • DrayTek Router 2830n
  • DrayTek Router 2850n
  • DrayTek Router 2860n

When the services below are being used you may get random reboots of the Drayek routers and also loss of control of Sonos equipment.

  • Streaming Radio from the Internet
  • Streaming Music from Spotify or Napster
  • Just the Sonos app running on a Smart Phone or Tablet
  • Any Combination of Sonos Play 1 or  Sonos Play 3, Sonos 5, Sonos Playbar

To fix the above issues try turning off / on the services below.

  • Turn off UPNP Services
  • Turn on IGMP Services





How do I enable bridge mode on my BT Business Hub 5?

To enable bridging mode on the BT Business Hub 5:

  1. On a PC or laptop connected to your hub, enter http://btbusinesshub.home or
  2. Click on Advanced Settings
  3. Enter your Admin password if prompted (can be found on the base of your Hub) and click Ok
  4. Click Continue to Advanced Settings
  5. Choose the Broadband tab, then click on the Routing tab
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to Bridging
  7. Tick Yes next to Enabled
  8. If you’re sure click Yes on the next screen 

Your BT Business Hub should now be in bridge mode. You will need to change the settings on your other Router to use connection type PPPoE. Depending on the Hub your bridging to, you may need to enter your broadband connection details.

Reboot your Sky box from your Sky remote

Rebooting the box (off-mode reset) shuts down and restarts the box using the Sky remote. There is no need to disconnect the box from the mains power supply, and is better for the health and lifespan of the Sky box.

If the Sky box is unresponsive to the Sky remote or you have a Thomson (4E30) Sky+HD box, Manually reboot the box.

Using the Sky remote:

1.Press and hold standby.
2.Wait for the remote command light (left of the standby light on the front panel) to begin flashing.
3.Release standby.
4.The remote command light will continue flashing for approximately 15 seconds and then the standby light will turn red.
5.Confirm the light on front panel is red and leave for a few seconds.
6.Press Sky. Standby light displays.
7.After 1 – 4 minutes press Sky to turn the Sky box on. The green light displays.
8.Wait for a few minutes for the Sky box to initialise. The last channel viewed or channel 998 displays.
Once the Reboot of the Sky box is complete, perform the next check.

Manually reboot the Sky box

When it’s not possible to reboot the Sky box using the remote control, simply turning everything off and then back on can resolve issues such as the Sky box being unresponsive or channels being unavailable.

How to install your iO-LINK

iO-LINK creates a tvLINK enabled RF output for new Sky HD set top boxes with no RF2 output. Once installed the iO-LINK can be connected to an in home distribution system for viewing at multiple TV locations.

Before you install your iO-LINK:

Ensure you have a coaxial cable linking between your SKY box and your second TV

Installing your iO-LINK

1. Switch off the SKY HD mini STB and disconnect the mains plug.

2. Connect the iO-LINK directly to the IO port located on the back of the SKY HD mini STB.

3. Connect one end of the coaxial cable (female connector) to the “RF out” of the iO-LINK and the other (male connector) to your second TV.

4. Connect your aerial feed to the “RF in” connector of the iO-LINK, if off air terrestrial is required.

Tuning your second TV

Perform either an auto or manual scan on your second TV as per your TV’s instructions; to find your SKY STB’s output (default Ch68).

Alternatively change the SKY STB output channel by following the instructions below.

1. Press the SERVICES button on your Sky Remote Control

2. Press the right arrow button on your Sky remote control (SETTINGS)

3. Press the down arrow button on your Sky remote control to highlight PICTURE

4. Press 0 then 1 then the SELECT button and SETUP will be highlighted

5. Press the right arrow button 3 times to highlight RF OUT

6. Press the down arrow button and use the number buttons to change the channel number currently showing as channel 68. (pre-set from the factory). Choose a channel between 21 & 69. (the most common being 21, 26, 47, 69)

7. Press the down arrow button and use the right arrow button to change the RF Outlet Power Supply setting from OFF to On

8. Press the Green button to save the new settings and then press the Sky button to return to normal viewing.

9. Finish by returning to your second TV and performing a retune.

Enabling routers to support Apple Airprint*

  1. Make sure your router has the most up-to-date firmware.
  2. Turn IGMP Snoop on.
  3. Set Multicast to IGMP v2.
  4. In some instances you may need to set Dynamic Route to RIP2-B and Direction to None.

*Please note not all routers will support this.

Test to make sure a remote control is transmitting Infra Red (IR)

As IR is invisible to the naked eye, here’s a clever trick to check it’s working.

Things you will need :

  • Mobile phone with camera
  • Remote Control

Turn on the mobile phone camera.  Point the remote control at the camera and press any button on the remote control.  You should be able to see the IR being transmitted on the display of your mobile phone.  If you can’t, replace the batteries on the remote control and try again.